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Fiftiness is a multi media website & living guideline for woman who want to embrace living fearlessly over fifty!

We publish video, podcasts and are always looking for guest bloggers that inspire woman to take a whole life approach to being fit, active and happy past fifty. We want stories that skew positive about Fitness, Nutrition, Friendship, Love & Sex, Finances, Work (first or second careers in your fifties), stories about how you Celebrate Yourself (unique b'day celebrations, special events planned with friends, solo trips, first time adventures) and Woman to Woman advice, those little things we learn from each other while sitting in the kitchen, chatting over a cup of coffee or glass of wine! 

Please submit a proposal for guest blogging or  your 500 to 1200 word essays of high quality, engaging storytelling. Open to all women storytellers (50 or over) who have a story to tell about being in their fifties. We do welcome emerging writers and are happy to offer editorial suggestions.

Please include a short bio with your submission and an author photo. Feel free to list blogs and/or websites, and all of your social media handles. Since we are not a paying market yet, we'd be happy to give your other work a little social media boost in exchange for the work you publish with us on

We also will republish posts from other websites or blogs if you retain publishing rights. We always credit the originally publishing source, whether it's your blog or a different media site. 


We want to promote all of our writers and see our writers achieve success and reach their goals. We will do this by promoting your work on our pages, with invitations to appear at and/or read at any events that are designed to bring writers and audiences together. In addition, and as previously mentioned, Fiftiness may, at its sole discretion, pay to promote your work appearing on through social media or in other paid markets. Fiftiness does not require, but strongly encourages contributors to follow all of our social media accounts, to subscribe to our email list and to promote their own work as well.

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500 to 1200 word essays, ten minute podcasts, guest blogging ideas and woman to woman submissions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Erica directly.  

Thanks so much - looking forward to having you join in the conversation at!