Fiftiness is about the premise that everything we do in life comes back to how we feel about ourselves and that being physically active can be a catalyst (or a springboard) to challenging ourselves to take risks in all the other areas of our life. If we feel strong we may be more adventurous in stepping out of our comfort zone. This isn't about shape shifting or losing weight, or about feeling bad because we don't look like the women we see in magazines or on TV. This is about YOUR individual notions of health and well being. Do evening walks keep you from needing Xanax at night? Have you found your inner warrior by taking up boxing? What can you tell us about becoming fit, staying fit, feeling good about how you feel and how you exercise now? We welcome humorous stories about adventures in or out of the gym, starting new fitness regimes or giving up old ones

We’d also like to open wide the conversation about our bodies. What’s happening to our bodies? Physical changes to emotional changes, funny stories and poignant moments. Let’s talk menopause. Let’s talk vanity. Let’s talk about those lines on our faces, do we cover them up or show them with pride? Eyesight? Teeth? Knees and feet, boobs and bottoms -

Be bold, be funny, be authentic, we want to air it all!

500 to 1200 words of original and previously unpublished high quality, engaging storytelling. Please include a short bio with your submission. It does not need to list all of your accomplishments or publications, just the ones that are most meaningful to you, or that an audience of incredible women in their fifties would find insightful. Feel free to list blogs and/or websites. Since we are not a paying market yet, we'd be happy to give your other work a little social media boost in exchange for the work you publish with us on

If you want to tell us your story in a podcast, please do! But see Podcast Category for specific guidelines for audio and video storytelling.

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