This is a conversation women everywhere want to have with abandon. What works, what doesn't, what's changed? Be bold, be brave, let your vulnerabilities and fantasies show -

Send us your stories about loving in your fifties. Have your feelings about/for sex changed? Has who you loved changed? Are you still with your spouse? A new love? Have you lived a single life? Have you been with younger men?  Any juicy Online/Tinder stories.

500 to 1200 words of original and previously unpublished high quality, engaging storytelling. Please include a short bio with your submission. It does not need to list all of your accomplishments or publications, just the ones that are most meaningful to you, or that an audience of incredible women in their fifties would find insightful. Feel free to list blogs and/or websites. Since we are not a paying market yet, we'd be happy to give your other work a little social media boost in exchange for the work you publish with us on

If you want to tell us your story in a podcast, please do! But see Podcast Category for specific guidelines for audio and video storytelling.